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Cold diffusion

Cold diffusion
1000 ml
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Scent marketing: is a purposeful use of the sense of smell in business.

Every day, we take about 25,000 breaths, each with its own fragrance. Whether we want it or not, it subconsciously affects our brain, emotions, mood and behavior.

In 40% of cases, scents cause positive mood changes, and about 75% of emotions during the day are caused by scents.

The right fragrance creates a unique ambience that positively influences people's emotions and purchasing decisions, increases the prestige of the place and distinguishes the company from the competition.

The willingness to buy again increases by 15%

Customers stay in a store by 16% time longer

The attractiveness of the offer increases by 19%

Cold diffusion technology is the most effective method of interior scenting. It breaks down the essential oil into very fine nanoparticles that easily merge with air and fill the entire scented space. Due to that, the fragrance lasts for a very long time in the room.

Fragrance marketing - benefits of interior scenting:

- encouraging customers to visit the place
- increasing their comfort and satisfaction
- eliminating unpleasant odors
- creating a pleasant ambience
- consolidation of the brand image as more professional and the products as more valuable
- distinguishing the company from the competition
- customers' return rate increases and customers are more likely to recommend your brand to others
- increase in sales of selected products

Scenting space: covers up to 500m2

Innovative electronic device for cold diffusion, made with great care for every detail, is an ideal solution for large-size interiors, whose owners appreciate elegance and luxury.

The device has four levels of control of the intensity of scent release. It is trouble-free and easy to use.

The set 1000 ml (4 x 250 ml) of perfume will ensure perfect fragrance of your interior for about a year.

Pure home perfume as the first company on the market has used a combination of high gloss finished wood and Polish crystal, which endowed this product with style and elegance. This device not only draws attention to its appearance, but also is extremely effective. All fragrances are imported from the world's capital of fragrances in France and chosen to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste of our customers.

Perfumes released into the air in this way will not only give the interior a freshness and attract the attention of the customer, but above all will allow the place to be remembered, and the customers shall come back, willing to feel the ambience created by the scent yet another time.