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Most frequently asked questions

1. What is the tray made of?
The tray is ceramic and resistant to high temperatures.

2. Is the place where we put the candle, the "heater", also ceramic?
Yes, the candleholder for the heater is ceramic.

3. You recommend using the tealights available on your website, why?
The height and temperature of our tealight flame is suitable for accurate scent diffusion, while other candles may deliver worse flame and therefore required scent intensity may not be achieved.

4. Is the fragrance only available in your offer?
We sell refills, which include fragrance composition.

5. Is there a danger of damaging the furniture by a hot fragrance oil burner?
No, the metal casing of the fireplace does not heat up to temperatures that could damage the furniture. In addition, the set includes a glass candlestick that protects the furniture.

6. What is the life expectancy of a tealight?
The candle burns for about 4 hours. Our tealights are custom made and they guarantee the best performance of the product. With poorer quality tealigths the scent may not be intense enough.

7. Is it possible to order a single-color fireplace?
Naturally, we can send you a one-color fragrance oil burner on your individual request.

8. Is it possible to order more fragrance oil burners?
You may order more fragrance oil burners, and then you can request an individual price.